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i write play but then there is only i want to be astronaut letter.


This was very cool! Great job!


I beat it! Yup, just had to wait in line a little longer. Never was patient in a queue!

I was thinking the game would be more...accurate? But I surprisingly enjoyed what it actually was. The environment was really neat, and the message was a bit depressing, but as a whole the game worked well for what it sets out to do. Hope you keep making games! Cheers.

Lumps Play commentary = Pop Up commentary. Check it outttt, yo.

(+1) there an end?

I "got in line", and then left line, wandered around for literally 20 minutes, nothing. So I quit. But I wanted to beat it :(


Front of the line, stay here for a few seconds.

my controls wont work :(

press the letters P, L, A & Y ;)